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The name of this organization is
"91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association" (91st SRWA).

The Association’s motto is:

The purpose of 91st SRWA is to perpetuate the history and memory of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (91st SRW) and to promote and strengthen a spirit of camaraderie among its members. To further these goals, an annual reunion will be held; a twice yearly newsletter will be published; a website will be maintained; and an archive of 91st SRW memorabilia will also be maintained. (The reunion during even numbered years shall be considered as the “official” reunion for elections, etc.; the reunion held during odd numbered years will be primarily to promote camaraderie.)

The 91st SRWA is a nonprofit corporation, in- corporated  in the state of Ohio  on the 27th day of March 1996.

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Latest News:

2018  Our reunion currently planned for Branson!

Also of interest:

100th Year Reunion of the 91st SRS (Now the 91st COS) in San Antonio - August 2017

Other news:

Listing of all planes ever built

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91st Missile Wing
"Rough Riders"

We Served With Honor, second edition, is available at Amazon;  but is less expensive when purchased through our Quartermaster.

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