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     Future Reunions:


We plan our reunions two years in advance so that the committees have ample time to take care of business.

Where will they be?  It’s up to the members to decide. 

Submit your suggestion to the Secretary to make your wishes known; the final vote will take place each year during the membership meeting. 

Each reunion includes Board of Directors & General Membership Meetings –

  • Board of Directors Meeting – Irons out the agenda for the General Membership Meeting.

  • General Membership Meeting – Discussions cover an agenda and whatever members want to add.

    You must attend or mail in your ballot to vote. A mail-in ballot will be inside each January Recon Recorder.

  • Banquet – One will take place during all reunions.

    This is the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association’s gala event featuring a guest speaker; social hour; dinner; and entertainment is always a big deal.  Coat and tie affair.

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